Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Product photography - Nikon N80

Nikon N80 - long time since last time I used it. Film cameras had this excitement in them - especially while waiting to get prints.
Anyway I found it on my shelf and decided to take some product pictures - the goal was to get pictures similar to one Carl-Zeiss advertise their cameras and lenses.

Just one light - SB-900 bounced into umbrella, bit on the left of camera. Simple isn’t it? but in this case the most happened in post-production.

First of all was to process RAW file into PSD using lightroom (always shoot RAW!).
Opened Photoshop and made fallowing adjustments:
- add High Pass Filter
- add vignette
- play a bit with curves
- cleanup dust and other things that distract viewer from product
- add Gradient Map with ~10% opacity (picture gets a nice colour cast)
- last thing is to scale down image and apply Smart Sharpening Filter with small values (like: amount: 30%; radius: 0.3pix) - remember when you scales down your image, you loose sharpness!

Here is GIF with 2 pictures: before and after PS

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